Achievements are awarded for performing certain tasks. They unlock the ability to hire people from the hire tab.

An incomplete list of Dr. Meth Achievements

List of AchievementsEdit

Name Description Requirements
Liked Shared on Facebook Like Dr. Meth on Facebook
Evangelism Referred a Friend
Donor Donated to the developers
Click Click 1000 Click Cook or Cash 1000 times
Click Master Click 10000 Click Cook or Cash 10000 times
1337 Dang you are so leet! Use the Corrupt Cop to stop your current cash on $1,333,337
Millionaire Make a total of a Million Dollars Make a total of at least one million dollars
Billionaire Make a total of a Billion Dollars Make a total of at least one billion dollars
Trillionaire Make a total of a Trillion Dollars Make a total of at least one trillion dollars
Megaton Cooked a Trillion Grams of Meth Cook at least one trillion grams of meth
One Day Played for 24hrs Stay logged on for 24 hours total
Goodbye Earth I've outgrown you. Puny Planet Purchase the moon
Meth to America You employ everyone in the US Employ (in dealers) the population of the US, or roughly 314 million
Super Clicker You are a fast clicker Click really, really fast. You can use an autoclicker
Precision You are pretty good! Get 30 combo from the Super Chemist
Real Estate Own one of every location Purchase at least one of each type of land
Easy Money Make a Million $ a second Make at least one million dollars per second
Toilet Paper Make a Billion $ a second Make at least one billion dollars per second
Back to the Basics Buddha be proud Make over a million dollars and then sell all currently owned places
Made in China You employ all of China Employ 1 Billion Chinese workers. (20 Chinas)
Cleanin' up the Streets You are too kind Employ 50 Crackhead Cooks
Back on the Streets "Can I have severance crack" Sell your Crackhead Cooks
Return of the King We missed you! Load your save game for the first time
Overflow Sniffin the foam Click the Cook when the flask is overflowing